11 May 2017

Final Music Video

I've had to use a cassette camcorder rather than VCR because of technical difficulty but I think it creates the same retro effect.

20 Apr 2017

Complete Ancillary Tasks

I have mocked up what my ancillary tasks would look like if produced in the real world. I placed my designs into the blank Photoshop mockups I downloaded from free design resource sites.

I have included a lyric book design, as the audience indicated in my initial survey that they would like to see this in the album release.

This is how I imagine my full page magazine ad would look inside a real music magazine. It is conventional for the ad to follow an article on the artist or their music, so that is what I have mocked up here.

12 Apr 2017

Evaluation 2: How Effective is the Combination of Your Main Product and Ancillary Texts?

An example of how an indie music video can be incorporated into a converging multimedia marketing campaign is Years & Years' Shine. Soon after the initial release, magazine Spin released 3 variant videos which incorporated the themes of 'light', 'dark' and 'shadow'. These videos were to be accessed in a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style during a live interactive event on Channel 4. The viewers were encouraged through a hashtag to vote live for which version of the video should be shown.

This example would work very well as a campaign for my video as you could have one video solely documenting the young character and one the older, and the showing on a main music channel such as 4 would attract a wide audience to see my video. After this TV event, I would upload the alternate videos to YouTube to be accessed worldwide and spread the word of their arrival via Twitter, continuing the use of the hashtag.